Turn Your Backyard Into a Luxury Lounge

Posted on October 30th, by admin in Lifestyle.

Turn Your Backyard Into a Luxury Lounge

Whether you enjoy throwing lavish parties or holding low-key movie nights, you don’t need to go further than your own backyard. You can transform your yard into a private sanctuary with the addition of some or all of these ideas. While there are several elements to backyard design, there is no reason to feel overwhelmed: Landscape designers and interior decorators can take care of the heavy lifting. After redecorating, your backyard will be the first and only stop on house tours.

Relax the Way Nature Intended

There’s something about relaxing in water that has a cure-all effect. However, there’s often one thing missing from modern hot water experiences. People didn’t always enjoy the benefits of luxuriously steamed water in the confines of the indoors. The backyard offers the wide-open, restorative qualities of nature that humankind was meant to enjoy. Enter the classic dual lounge A8D 6-person relaxation spa from Bullfrog Spas. With a water capacity of 512 gallons and a dry-weight limit of nearly a ton, there’s plenty of splashing and lounging to be done with good company. Wrist, hip, calf and foot jets round out of the high-powered spa for total body rejuvenation. All you need is something to eat while you pamper yourself spa-style.

Bring Restaurant-Quality Food to Your Backyard

If you’re tired of running back and forth to the house every time you want a drink or snack, an outdoor kitchen is a great addition for backyard entertaining. An outdoor kitchen is not only convenient, but it also increases the value of your home. A whole night of entertaining can be centered around a built-in BBQ surrounded by gorgeous stonework. In this regard, Woodland Direct offers the Bull Outdoor Culinary-Q Grilling Island, which is advertised as a “kitchen, dining area and entertainment center all in one unit.” The “Grilling Island” allows for rigorous customization, with Woodland offering upgrades to build “the ultimate barbecue experience.” These upgrades include more grills, single or double-side burners, storage drawers, radio/CD player with speakers and a 9-foot umbrella. Now that you’ve got luxurious outdoor dining, you just need some entertainment to go with it.

Create the Ultimate Cinematic Experience

Less people are going to the movies these days because technology has made the film-watching experience increasingly more accessible. With Open Air Cinema’s CineBox Elite Outdoor Movie system, you can bring the theater experience to your backyard. Your backyard setup can also be equipped with 3D, gaming and high-definition capabilities. The size of the screen depends largely on how many guests you need to entertain. The $49,999 40-foot model, which is the largest offered by CineBox, can accommodate up to 3,000 guests.

Light it Up

Once your backyard is outfitted with an outdoor spa, luxury grill and your own private open-air theater, the next element to consider is lighting. Nothing sets off your luxury living backyard like a fireplace, such as the ones designed by Pool Environments. Fireplaces and fire pits offer much in the way of options, such as tabletop fire pits (good for those conservative about their space) and stone fire pits (excellent luxury items for urban living).

After you’ve created your own private sanctuary, sit back and relax. Invite your friends over for a luxurious dip in the spa, and watch the latest thriller on your giant screen with a meal fresh off the grill. The possibilities are endless in your new luxury backyard lounge.