The Top 5 Romantic Overseas Escapes

Posted on May 20th, by admin in Lifestyle.

The Top 5 Romantic Overseas Escapes

Crystal clear turquoise waters, the gentle lap of water on a white sand beach, a frosty cocktail with a perfectly perched umbrella, few descriptions are as evocative of a romantic paradise retreat than this familiar vignette. Sadly, romance is increasingly overlooked in even the strongest relationships due to the pressures of everyday life. The reality is, every couple can benefit from the restorative powers of an exotic escape. The best partners recognize this occasional need for courtship maintenance, and they take advantage of the plethora of resorts that cater to lovebirds with discriminating tastes.

The Bahamas, Hawaiian Islands and South of France were previously heralded as the most idyllic locations for a high-end romantic reprieve. But times change, and so have the destinations deemed most desirable for both love-struck paramours and stubborn spouses. Contemporary connoisseurs of passion look to new harbors for relationship amnesty, such as one of the following esteemed settings that promise to freshen any romance.

Argos in Cappadocia
It feels like stepping back in time. The picturesque and awe-inspiring horizon of Agros in Cappadocia in Turkey arouses many emotions. The hotel sits upon an old monastery, and makes use of the candlelit and hushed caves and tunnels to create an intimate experience for amorous travelers. Hardly old-fashioned, the resort offers a broad selection of modern amenities, including an upscale restaurant and lounge, wine cellars carved out of stone, in-room pools and fireplaces, impeccable interior styling and 24-hour room service. Call for pricing on the “deluxe suite,” but guests should expect to pay at least $550 per night for the more-affordable “suite.”

Four Seasons Bora Bora
The jewel-toned sea, the over-water bungalows and the all-inclusive packages are just some of the reasons honeymooners and enamored lovers flock to French Polynesia. Among many luxurious accommodations, The Four Seasons Resort in Bora Bora rises as the ultimate romantic destination. Foremost emphasizing service, the resort offers gourmet meals in their four tantalizing restaurants, or delivered to the private bungalows, on-site activities including a pool, gym and tennis courts, personalized itineraries tailored to each guest’s desires and a breathtaking selection of expert spa services. The popular all-inclusive package special is available for around $2800 a night.

On a Whitsunday Island off the coast of Australia located near the Great Barrier Reef, Hayman is renowned for its experiential focus, with plenty of adventurous opportunities for passionate couples eager to explore the natural wonders of this exotic region. That does not mean forgoing luxury, however, as the resort offers resplendent designer rooms, seductive spa packages, butler service, nine exemplary culinary choices and upscale expeditions from land, sea or air. Evenings in the Lagoon Penthouse start at $1220, for the off-season.

Banyan Tree Seychelles
Located off the east coast of Africa are the Seychelles Islands, upon which impassioned sweethearts will find the tranquil Banyan Tree Resort and Hotel. The astonishing views of Intendance Bay and the pristine waters of the Indian Ocean set the mood, while the extravagant service and limitless amenities ensure a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Most rooms include beachfront property or a private pool, so guests may relax in peace and quiet. The award-winning spa calms every raw nerve with its medley of packages, while the four singular ethnic-inspired restaurants charm taste buds. A one-bedroom villa with private pool goes for approximately $1600 per night.

Blue Palace
Famous for its stark white-walled architecture, aquamarine sea views and healthy lifestyle, the Island of Crete offers visitors an immersive Greek experience in the most luxurious way. Almost every room at the Blue Palace Resort and Spa includes a private pool, many heated, and the spacious villas provide exceptionally lavish, and private, accommodations. Specially arranged boat trips and island activities keep couples busy all day, and the serene spa and variety of decadent dining options keep ardent pairs smiling into the evening. The Royal Blue Villa, with a spacious three bedrooms, runs roughly $6100 per evening.

A little peace and quiet in a wondrous location can certainly help strengthen the bonds between any couple, especially when paired with exemplary service, peerless amenities and sublime accommodations. These five resorts, with their unparalleled experiences, cater to discerning individuals who want to focus on enriching their individual love, while also indulging in the very best the world has to offer. Every relationship may require maintenance, but only these spots provide guests with such exultant preservation.