The Most Expensive Baby Items in the World

Posted on March 21st, by admin in Lifestyle.

The Most Expensive Baby Items in the World

Many of the gifts that we shower upon babies are more representative of our fondness and good wishes than they are of the baby’s practical needs.  A few artists and designers have taken some basic objects such as pacifiers, cribs, and teddy bears and transformed them into elaborate fantasies. These art pieces then become a statement to the world: either a demonstration of someone’s feelings about a particular baby, or an artist’s creative statement about beauty and practicality.

$85,000 Platinum Pacifier
This solid platinum pacifier, weighing almost 9 ounces, was made by jeweler Matt Case of Liverpool’s Russell and Case Jewelers. Case, who made it to display at the UK Baby and Toddler Show, said “We wanted to make something that would stand out and something that was completely unique.”  Since this jewelry shop had just opened for business a few months earlier, it’s likely that the platinum pacifier was created as a method of bringing media attention to the jeweler’s art. It was successful, in that the platinum pacifier now appears around throughout the media as one of the most expensive baby products ever created.

$17,000 Diamond Pacifier
Another artistic takeoff on the simple baby item, this white gold pacifier is encrusted with 278 diamonds, for a total of 3 carats. The nipple itself is made from silicon, and the handle is movable, suggesting that the artist wanted to make it appear closer to a functional object. As a keepsake, though, it may be both more aesthetically appealing than bronze baby shoes!

$600,000 Golden Rocking Horse
A fairy godmother in an old legend might have bestowed a toy like this on a royal baby, and in fact the Japanese jeweler Ginza Tanaka created this design to honor the birth of Prince Hisahito. As American royalty, Beyonce and Jay-Z  bought one of these horses for their daughter, Blue Ivy. While a young child would love a rocking horse made out of almost any material, Blue Ivy’s parents can watch her ride this golden steed and feel that they have given her the world.

$19,000 Fantasy Carriage Crib
Handcrafted in England, this magic coach is a sculpture of wood and fiberglass, a work of art which also has space in which a baby can sleep and dream. People magazine called this Number 1 in their list of “over the top baby gifts” given to Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. The manufacturer, Poshtots, also features an even more elaborate Fantasy Coach for slightly older toddlers. The Fantasy Coach starts at $65,000 and has to be ordered six months in advance.

$84,000 Teddy Bear
If this bear could talk, his voice would undoubtedly be lovely, because his mouth is made of pure gold. The German company Steiff created this golden-colored bear to honor their 125th anniversary, and only 125 of the bears were manufactured. The eyes on the bear are fashioned of diamonds and sapphires, and the bear sells for $84,000. For parents interested in searching out unique teddy bears for their little ones, Gund produced a special one-of-a-kind bear for $10,000. The Gund bear was made from white alpaca fur, had black pearls for eyes, and sported a 10-carat diamond and white gold necklace.

$1,350 Silver Spoon
For the perfect baby shower gift, Christofle of Paris created a silver spoon inset with diamonds. A play on the words, “born with a silver spoon in his/her mouth,” this lovely limited-edition item may have to be purchased from collectors now. However, Christofle does currently offer other sterling silver baby items, including this simple and lovely silver cup, for $700.

We create stories for our young children, and these elaborate gifts are simply one way of telling a child the story of the beautiful future that lies ahead.