New York’s Most Incredible Culinary Creations

Posted on May 1st, by admin in Lifestyle.

New York’s Most Incredible Culinary Creations

New York is a city full of culinary talent, and internationally-acclaimed chefs here are in the perfect environment to thrive. It is here that the most succulent of dishes and the best of culinary flavors come together to meld into even more mouth-watering delights. This kind of luxury cuisine rivals the best of the world and is worth every penny. Served in some of New York’s most exclusive restaurants, these jaw-dropping dishes are every bit as satisfying as their reputations demand:

The Russian Tea Room has an entire menu just for vodka, so when it comes to the food menu you know it’s going to be something spectacular. Not surprisingly, it’s the Chicken Kiev that carves out a permanent place in diners’ hearts. This divine breaded chicken breast is stuffed with an herb butter and served with almond and apricot jasmine rice, an assortment of mixed baby vegetables and the perfect accompaniment: fig compote. This dish is the ultimate partnership of Russian culinary skill and American presentation.

Tom Coleccio’s Craft Restaurant has its own delectable dishes to offer, including the unparalleled Fusilli with Wild Boar Bolognese, Castelvetrano Olives & Pecorino. This dish is really the last word in American Italian food. The chef has taken traditional fusilli, paired it with two classic Italian flavors in the shape of olives and tart, full-flavored Pecorino cheese, and then taken the whole dish to 5-star level with the addition of wild boar bolognese.

For a taste of the best seafood in New York, head to Bouley for the New England Black Sea Bass. This perfect piece of fish comes with English Peas, three kinds of carrots colored white, yellow and purple, and globe basil dressing. Chef Bouley takes extreme pride in his dishes, which really shows in the menu and in the perfect execution of such simplistic but elaborate dishes. The care that has been taken in selecting the perfect array of ingredients is what puts this particular fish dish on a pedestal high above the rest.

Aureole is a top-rated New York restaurant not to be missed. The dish that puts this restaurant on the list of New York’s most incredible culinary creations is the Braised Lamb Tortellini with Bing Cherry, Pecan and Grilled Trevisano. The chef prepares an incredible succulent braised lamb, and tears it from the bone to create tortellini filling that would already satisfy the palette – but he’s not done there. The carefully crafted Bing cherry sauce with pecans and grilled trevisano put what started out as a simple braised lamb way over the top in terms of flavor and decadence. The pasta is handmade perfectly and the rich filling juxtaposes perfectly with the tart, refreshing sauce.

In New York, anything you want to eat is yours – so why settle for anything less than the absolute best?