New York’s Luxury Equestrian Centers

Posted on August 7th, by admin in Lifestyle.

New York’s Luxury Equestrian Centers

The state of New York is horse country.  For horse-lovers who live in the city, where keeping horses isn’t practical, the high-end equestrian centers provide boarding, pampering and training. These centers offer every conceivable service to the lucky horses that board and live in their stables, and they offer lessons to help guide a new generation  to know and love these magnificent animals. It’s interesting to take a close look at what these luxury equestrian centers provide.

With square stalls of 12 to 13 feet per side, horses have plenty of room to move around. The stalls at 3Phase Equestrian Center in Brewster have windows onto the outdoors, and the stable offers heated wash areas so the horses won’t get cold when they are being groomed.

New York Equestrian Center (NYEC) in West Hempstead offers special “anti-fatigue soft stall mats” in its stall areas, so the horses won’t get tired feet. It also features synthetic dust-free footing material in its arena, and automatic fly spray system in the stable.

Boarding packages at these centers offer an array of special services, including turning out the horses into grassy paddocks for part of every day, and a choice of several different types of veterinary-approved grain and mash. NYEC even offers the option of a private paddock as part of its platinum boarding package for $2000. per month. The stalls are cleaned out once or twice each day at each center, and various add-ons are available for the horse’s health and wellbeing. Bathing, grooming, daily hoof-care, exercise riding, blanketing and more are available, so that owners can feel assured that their horse’s every need will be met. Boarding packages vary in price, but the very basic packages begin at around $750 per month.

Services for riding
Owners or trainers who come to work with their horse may not have time to take care of all the tack and warm-up, so for an extra fee the equestrian center handles every detail. The center will tack up the horse, wrap legs for polo, bring the horse out and hand-walk or warm it up, so that when the owner arrives they can simply greet the horse and ride off. Equestrian centers are located on large parcels of land with trail areas and show jumps, and they also offer indoor lighted arenas as well.

If parents or nannies are waiting for children during lessons at NYEC, they can wait in an air-conditioned lounge featuring viewing area, full kitchen, stereo, cable TV and Wi-Fi access.

Training and lessons
Some horse owners request that the center prepare and train their horses for shows,  while other owners are looking for lessons for themselves or their children. Stable Mates Equestrian Center in Islandia offers a series of classes to school owners and horses for showing, including dressage, lead line, hunting and jumping. Their private lessons begin at $70 per hour. New York Equestrian Center offers private lessons starting at $65 per hour, and they also provide training to horses boarding at their center, for $200 to $1000 per month.

Parties and summer camps
Children are naturally drawn to animals, and learning how to ride and take care of horses makes for an exciting camp or birthday party experience. Stable Mates and NYEC both offer customized party packages for children of all ages. Age-appropriate guidance is provided by staff members so that children can develop riding skills and have a good time. Base prices for birthday parties begin at about $400, with many special services and add-ons available. Summer day camp at NYEC and Stable Mates are $400 and $450 per week, respectively.

For anyone who loves their horse but doesn’t have space to keep it at home, these full-service equestrian centers offer a great option.