New York’s Best Caviar Dining

Posted on October 15th, by admin in Lifestyle.

New York’s Best Caviar Dining

New York is a state full of treasures. From the big-city excitement of New York City to the natural splendor of Niagara Falls, there’s a little something for everyone in the state. One of the standouts of New York is its dining scene. All across the state, there are excellent dining establishments that offer diners world-class and unrivaled restaurant experiences. One of the most sought-after dishes of all New York luxury restaurants is caviar. While you might not realize it, New York is actually a hotbed of notable caviar joints, and some of the world’s most discerning aficionados of caviar come to the state to enjoy this luxurious treat. This list directs you to three excellent places to sample caviar and enjoy a sumptuous restaurant atmosphere.

The Crimson Sparrow

Hudson, New York, has recently been called the taste-making capital of America. It makes sense, then, that the Crimson Sparrow is located here. The Crimson Sparrow is a Brooklyn-style, rustic restaurant that features outstanding cuisine. The restaurant’s menu follows a model of sustainability, so the dishes change regularly. However, one thing that diners always rave about is the caviar dishes. A favorite among customers is the gnocchi, featuring pesto and caviar. The dish is rich, with a traditional pesto sauce; however, the chef sets it apart by serving the rich potato pasta with a heaping serving of caviar – the perfect combination to balance out the dish. The Crimson Sparrow doesn’t have a separate caviar menu, but the excellence of the dishes is enough to bring diners from all over the region. Since the dishes change seasonally, you’re sure to get a terrific combination that includes excellent caviar.

The American Hotel

Way out on Long Island you’ll find the dining destination called the American Hotel. It’s not only a place to stay, see and be seen; it’s also a place to eat exquisite food. The restaurant has a caviar menu from which you can order Royal or Imperial, and the prices range from $100 to $125 per order. If you want to mix your caviar up a bit, order a Plateau de Fruits de Mer for about $50 per person (or the deluxe platter for $150 per person.) The chef will bring out the fresh caviar and seafood options, and the choices range from day to day, because the restaurant only serves the best of the best.

The Farmer and the Fish

Located in North Salem, New York, is a special spot called the Farmer and the Fish. The Farmer and the Fish is a community-focused restaurant in upstate New York, near SUNY Cobleskill, that provides fresh, locally farmed and sustainable food for the region. The restaurant is community friendly, yes, but it’s also a standout because it has remarkably fresh, gourmet dishes. The Farmer and the Fish often has a prominent caviar dish on its menu; however, it’s hard to pin down what it will be. While it’s nice to know what caviar you’ll be getting before you go, it’s a perk that the dishes rotate so regularly. This means that you’ll be getting the freshest selection, no matter what the season. Wondering what some out of the outstanding caviar options are? In 2012, New York Times journalists featured the Osetra Caviar and Rhode Island Oysters from the Farmer and the Fish, which they deemed worthy of international attention.