New York City’s Most Sought-After Apartment Buildings

Posted on October 13th, by admin in Real Estate.

New York City’s Most Sought-After Apartment Buildings

It’s no secret that real estate in New York City can be outrageous. From multiple story penthouses to indoor pools, New York City apartments rival some of the most lavish homes in the world. These lavish apartments, however, don’t just stand on their own. They are instead housed within apartment buildings filled with luxury, each with its own character and legacy. If it’s decadence you crave, these apartment buildings are among the most exclusive and sought-after within the Big Apple, where people will give an arm and a leg to secure such dreamy slices of real estate heaven.

The Dakota

If you want to live surrounded by rich history and luxury on the west side of Manhattan, then look no further than The Dakota. Located at the northwest corner of 72nd Street and Central Park West, The Dakota is perhaps the most storied apartment building in the history of Manhattan. One of the reasons The Dakota has become so legendary is because it was the sight of John Lennon’s home… and assassination. It’s also been home to countless celebrities, including Leonard Bernstein, Lauren Bacall, Judy Garland, Maury Povich, William Inge, Gilda Radner, and more. The Dakota is deservedly known for its artistic and creative character, with many residents working in the entertainment industry. People choose the Dakota for its legacy and beautiful location right across from Central Park.

998 Fifth Avenue

There is perhaps no more elite real estate than the offerings on Fifth Avenue, and the most elite of that selection is 998 Fifth Avenue, the first luxury building built on this famous New York City street. Constructed in 1910 by James T. Lee, the building was designed as a Renaissance-style Palazzo, and it has since become the home of such notable residents as Elihu Root, Murray Guggenheim, and several members of the Vanderbilt family. Not only was this the first luxury apartment building established on Fifth Avenue, but it also doesn’t allow home financing. Yes, that means that people wishing to reside in this building must be able to buy their apartments in cash. Luxury, after all, comes at a price. One of the extra perks of living here is its prime spot directly across the street from the Metropolitan Museum of Art – arguably one of the most culturally rich institutions in the entire world.

834 Fifth Avenue

Also located on Fifth Avenue and situated a few blocks south of 998 is 834 Fifth Avenue, long considered one of the most venerable buildings in the city. The building is perfectly positioned in a desirable location just across from the world-famous Central Park Zoo. Built in 1931, the building is a co-op, meaning that owners buy into the cooperation that owns the building. Cash is also the only way to pay for a home here. At one point, the Laurance Rockefeller family even had a home in this building. The apartment had over 20 rooms and 8,000 square feet of space – virtually unheard of in New York City apartment living. The apartment also featured 4,000 square feet of outside terraces. Today, many famous residents inhabit the building, including tycoon Rupert Murdoch, and it is often described as one of the most elite apartment buildings in the entire world.