Luxury Engagement Ring Retailers in New York

Posted on December 21st, by admin in Lifestyle.

Luxury Engagement Ring Retailers in New York

It is often said that a man should spend 3 months salary on an engagement ring. Needless to say, this means that the range of engagement rings will be as wide and varied as the amount of money that different men earn. Many of the finest jewelry stores in America can be found in New York, the ‘diamond capital of the world.’ Let’s have a quick look at the Big Apple’s most expensive luxury engagement ring retailers.

Harry Winston
Harry Winston opened his doors to the public in 1932, inspired by the energy and glamour of New York. Since then, the Harry Winston brand has grown to become synonymous with luxury as new designers come on board to turn diamonds into art. Their diamonds and rings have become hugely popular among celebrities and the wealthy alike, with many of their designs adorning red carpets across the world. Prices start at about $5,000, but can easily reach $500,000 or more for the top designs.

The story of the Chopard brand started back in 1860 in a small village in Switzerland. Here, a talented young craftsman, Louis-Ulysse Chopard began his first workshop, and started creating beautiful and reliable timepieces. Since then the company has grown and expanded all over the world developing their range as they went. For luxury engagement rings, Chopard is one of the jewelers of choice in New York. In fact, the most expensive diamond ring in the world, the Chopard Blue Diamond Ring, was originally made by the company, and is valued at $16.26 million. In addition, another of the world’s most expensive engagement rings, the Chopard Emerald Ring, bears their name, and costs $2.14 million.

De Beers
De Beers is the quintessential diamond jewelers. For more than 100 years De Beers diamonds were anonymously set within the unique creations of the worlds best jewelers. Now, however, they have their own home. They were established in 2001 as an independent company, run and operated by Louis Vuitton, the leading company for luxury goods in the world, and De Beers SA, the market leader in diamond mining. As you would expect, the company are the creators of some of the world’s finest engagement rings, such as the De Beers Platinum Diamond Ring, valued at $1.83 million. For a truly unique and beautiful ring, however, the Yellow Diamond Ring is a great choice, coming in at about $400,000, and chosen by such celebrities as Eddie Murphy and Charlie Sheen.

Tiffany and Co.
Everyone in the world knows that Tiffany and Co. is one of the market leaders in fine jewelery. Their growth around the world, and the expansion in their range of designs, may have somewhat diluted their prices, but they still offer some of the most beautiful engagement rings in New York. Their prized offering has something of a bland name – the ‘ring with an important diamond’ – but it would be hard for anyone to deny that the ring itself is stunning. Finding diamonds of the quality used in this ring (12 carat, D color) is difficult, making it both exclusive and truly luxurious. If you want to get your hands on it, prepare to spend $2.1 million.