Lux tech for the Tony Stark in your life

Posted on May 21st, by admin in Lifestyle.

Lux tech for the Tony Stark in your life

It’s 2013 and the future just arrived. Things like lunar bases and robot servants have moved from science fiction to the news feed. Personal communication devices with infinite knowledge have long been staples of futuristic stories, but they have now slipped quietly into our lives in the form of smartphones.

Everyone knows someone who is always ahead of the curve. The market refers to them as “early adopters.” These are people like Iron Man’s Tony Stark, who have every gadget you’ve never even dreamed of until you visit. The chances are that you have a Tony Stark in your life, and birthdays and holidays with this person, are inevitably challenging. Anything they could possibly want, they’ve already tried in beta.

Your worries are over. If you need to find the perfect luxury techno-gift for the most jaded gadget fanatic on the planet, look no further. We have compiled a short list as your source for real, working science fiction gear.

1 Tesla Model S – This is the world’s best fully electric car and Motor Trend’s Car of the Year for 2013. Robert Downey, Jr., said his Iron Man is based on Elon Musk and Musk drives a Tesla. In fact, Musk liked it so much, he bought the company, saved it from bankruptcy with his personal fortune, and is using it to foster a national energy revolution. He’s building solar-powered recharging stations across the US so the car can refuel on sun power while producing no emissions. Right now it goes 0 to 60 in 5 seconds, tops out at 125 mph, and travels 300 miles before a recharge. A tiny box with a big bow and a Tesla key inside will make you a superhero for life.

2 The HULC – It sounds like one of the other Avengers, but this exoskeleton from Ekso Bionics brings you one step closer to becoming a cyborg. The Human Universal Load Carrier consists of leg braces controlled by servo-motors and a backpack for computer control. It allows you to carry up to 200 pounds without exertion and is great for covering rough terrain on a hike. Plus at only $130,000, it’s a lot cheaper than hiring movers for the weekend.

3 iOptik – Reality is fine, but it’s better to be augmented. Interactive holograms are one of Tony Stark’s coolest effects, and Google Glasses have made that possible. Images hover in front of your eyes that you can click or swipe. But that’s old news. Cutting edge cool was revealed at CES in Vegas this year. iOptik from Innovega means high tech contact lenses that project data onto the world for only you to see. If your friend starts waiving his arms for no reason, he may be buying real estate in North Dallas. The prototype will be out in September, just in time for Christmas.

4 SkyCar – Yes, this is a real live flying car. Those in the know prefer to call it a “roadable light sport aircraft” because it is really more of a plane that drives. The prototype will be flying this year and your friend will have to have one because there are some places the Tesla just can’t go. Your techie friend will need a pilot license but racking up hours in the air will be a pleasure. Once you drive a sports car with VTOL, roads just aren’t as interesting.

5 The Control Room – The techie equivalent of a mancave is a media grotto. Sony 1080p video projector, a 152 inch Panasonic flat screen TV, and a Quad L-ite surround sound system make the perfect place to get away from it all or fly a helicarrier. Find a way to distract your Tony Stark as construction equipment descends on his house for the remodel. A good start would be to watch Iron Man 3 in the control room!