Life in a New York City Penthouse

Posted on February 27th, by admin in Lifestyle.

Life in a New York City Penthouse

For most, the thought of purchasing and living in a New York City penthouse is only a dream. But for those who can make that dream a reality, there are always several penthouses available for sale in Manhattan. If you’re not sure whether a penthouse in the city is right for you, here are some details about what life is like in one.


Penthouse apartments are available throughout Manhattan, but the most stylish area in which to shop for property is on Manhattan’s East Side. Penthouses in this area may overlook Central Park and have sweeping views of the Manhattan skyline. Those looking for the most luxurious properties available should see what’s available on Park Avenue and Fifth Avenue.


Those shopping for a multi-million dollar penthouse can expect to find high-end architecture and design. Many of the buildings that house penthouses have historical significance and are iconic landmarks. Prestigious architects and designers renovate and decorate these properties to meet the buyers’ high-end preferences and maintain the architectural integrity of the building. Award-winning architects Rosario Candela and Christian de Portzamparc have redone the penthouses on Park Avenue and in the iconic One57 building.

Interior designers like Gwathmey Siegel and Thomas Juul-Hansen have created classic interior designs with superior workmanship in One57 and One Beacon Court. Penthouse residents typically expect high-end finishes, such as hardwood floors and granite or marble counter tops, top of the line fixtures and professional kitchen appliances. The interior design should be give a nod to the era of the building, but today’s buyers expect modern design styles, characterized by clean straight lines, metal accents, minimalism, lack of clutter and pops of bold color.


Buyers have several options when it comes to the kind of space a penthouse provides. Penthouses may take up the entire top floor of a building, like the penthouse at Sherry Netherland, or they can be duplexes or even triplexes, like this Park Avenue penthouse designed by Rosario Candela. The amount of square footage and the number of rooms depends on the price. Those willing to spend upwards of $85 million can expect over 9,000 square feet of space with as many as 15 rooms. There can be as many as five or seven bedrooms, and the number of baths typically ranges from four to eight.

Other rooms include the living and dining room, but may also include a library, workout rooms, media rooms, home offices or maids’ rooms. Another feature most buyers are looking for is a large outdoor space of some kind, such as a terrace or rooftop garden.


In addition to beautiful interior designs, impeccable architecture and stunning 360 degree views of Manhattan, anyone living in a New York City penthouse is going to expect the finest amenities. A 24-hour doorman is a must: to open doors, screen visitors, sign for packages, hail cabs and carry luggage. In addition, parking spaces and storage space might be a necessity. Penthouse owners can pay for bullet proof windows, body guards and security systems that include retina recognition. Finally, anyone paying top dollar for one of these penthouses will expect a private entrance and elevator.


A New York City penthouse costs anywhere from $25 million to $85 million and above. Some highly expensive properties previously owned by celebrities have sold for over $100 million. Factors that drive the price up are the size and location, but also the extra amenities such as parking and storage facilities that the buyer tacks on. But these top floor residences come with a prestige that matches the jaw-dropping price, and anyone in the market for a New York City penthouse understands why the price tag is so high.