How to Plan a Luxury Charter Vacation

Posted on June 26th, by admin in Lifestyle.

How to Plan a Luxury Charter Vacation

If you plan it well and choose the right company or service, a luxury charter vacation can be truly unforgettable. There is nothing more relaxing than watching the sunset from the deck of a yacht, a martini in hand, and a masseuse rubbing away all the stress from your feet. When (or if) you tire of that, a world of entertainment awaits inside in the form of full-feature theaters, spas and dancing. World-class cuisine and top-shelf drinks round out the evening. And that’s just one day — the entertainment continues for as long as your cruise does.

Plan Early

The further in advance you plan a vacation, the better the chances of everything going smoothly. After all, you want to have five-star amenities while sailing the high seas. Yachts from luxury charter groups such as Dream Yacht Charter can be booked a week or so before departure, but you run the risk of not getting the boat of your dreams or a certain location being sold out. Book early so you can get the vessel and destination you most desire.

Determine How Many People Are Joining You

When arranging for accommodations, it’s important to know how many guests will be with you. The size of the yacht, as well as the number of amenities, are all based on the amount of people who plan to join you. Is it just your family, or will you be inviting a large group of coworkers and friends? The good news is that most companies and destinations are serviced by a range of motor yachts. The Luxury Charter Group, for instance, has yachts for the Italian coast that hold anywhere from 10 to 30 or more guests.

Determine the Sort of Amenities You Want

All yachts are high-class, but the type of amenities they offer often depend on their size. Smaller luxury yachts may not have the necessary space for a pool or restaurant, but they still offer plenty of exquisite features. Fraser Yachts, for instance, boasts 100-foot vessels with amenities such as jet skis, diving equipment, a Jacuzzi and more. If you’re looking for other features, Seven Seas Yacht Charters showcases mega yachts that stretch well over 900 feet and feature an abundance of incredible amenities including theaters, formal dining rooms, salons, fitness centers, enormous master suites and more. When deciding on the type of yacht you want, the key is determining the size of yacht required for the number of people accompanying you, as well as what sort of luxury you seek. If you want a yacht with a full bar, dance floor and massage parlor, make sure to specifically search for that or request it from your charter specialist.

Destination, Destination, Destination

The time of year you charter a yacht makes a difference in the area you visit. For instance, Chesapeake Bay is a great area to visit during the summer, but winter conditions make the water rough. If you visit a charter specialist such as Seven Seas Yacht Charters or Fraser Yachts, they can help you narrow down the destinations based on the sort of activities you want to take part in. Also, be aware that some luxury yacht companies only serve certain areas, while suppliers like CharterWorld offer bookings for destinations all over the globe.

Make Sure Your Preference Form is Complete

Once you book a charter, you’ll be given a form to fill out detailing the sort of food you enjoy, any medical issues you may need to take into account and other related information. This form will help the yacht crew make your vacation the best it can be, so make sure every guest fills out his/her form well in advance.

Chartering a yacht is the height of luxury and easily one of the most enjoyable experiences a person can have. A week or two away from civilization and all the demands it places on you can be just what the doctor ordered.