How to Design a Luxury Kitchen

Posted on February 20th, by admin in Lifestyle.

How to Design a Luxury Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of your home, and your design should express its importance. Whether you’re serving dinner, Sunday brunch or entertaining for a special event, loved ones tend to gather here. To keep your kitchen in order and your guests coming back, make everyone as comfortable as possible with luxury amenities. While your kitchen should always reflect your personal style and your home’s decor, there are a few things you can do to really make your kitchen stand out. Here are three ways to create a splendid design that your friends and family will appreciate.

Choose Quality Countertops

Stone countertops increase the value and style of any kitchen. Not only are granite or other natural stones contemporary and beautiful, they call to mind elaborate Tuscan kitchens and other luxurious spaces. Thanks to the wide variety of colors available in granite, marble, and other natural stones, you can find a stone counters that match nearly any color scheme. From gray marble with red undertones to tan granite countertops that complement bright white cabinetry, your kitchen’s workspace can be impressive in both quality and style. Concetto offers countertops cut from semi-precious stones such as white quartz and amethyst, which are sure to add a luxurious touch to your kitchen. Coupled with quality cabinetry, the addition of stone countertops will make your kitchen space a comfortable and beautiful place to prepare meals.

Get Creative with Wall Space

Instead of simply painting your walls, consider upping the ante with faux finishes and other luxurious wall coverings. While you should generally avoid fabrics in your kitchen, which will absorb the scents and moisture from your cooking, there are still plenty of out-of-the-box, luxurious materials to add to your kitchen walls. Textured, brick-like wallpaper, for instance, makes your kitchen much more visually appealing than just using paint. If you choose a bold wall covering, consider adding it to only one wall to create a focal wall. Other creative wall coverings include natural wood planks, treated leather and subway tiles.

Find One-of-a-Kind Accessories

Fill your kitchen with unique accessories, from European heirlooms to vintage art. Use shelving, extra counter space, and the wall space above your table to display your finds. Even lighting fixtures can serve as important art pieces in your kitchen. A chandelier always makes a dining space feel luxurious, and hanging glass lights and wall sconces is great for provided much needed illumination in your food preparation area. Wire your lighting to be on a dimmer — lowering the lights while you eat creates a romantic ambiance and is perfect for after-dinner drinks.

Don’t shy away from turning the floor space into a canvas to showcase your design inspiration. From chevron-patterned floor rugs to vibrant runners that add a pop of color between the island and counter, there are lots of accessories you can add to your floor.

If your kitchen isn’t already your favorite room in your house, it will be after your provide it with a luxury makeover. Have some fun and expand your design horizons as you choose the kitchen decor; a kitchen is the perfect place to showcase flavors and flare in the form of bright walls and accessories. When your work is done, even a small space will soon feel like a world-class kitchen ready to entertain some very important people, your friends and family.