Five Reasons to Have a Live-In Personal Assistant

Posted on May 21st, by admin in Lifestyle.

Five Reasons to Have a Live-In Personal Assistant

Whether it’s a private plane, a smartphone, or just a washing machine, we’ve all invested in “luxuries” to save time. But we’re often hesitant to invest in one type of luxury that will save us the most time: people. Contracting a personal assistant will improve your quality of life when you:

1. Forget things at home:
the best personal assistants are on call and live by your house. At a moment’s notice they can rush you what you need. How many times have you had to turn around towards home or rely on your spouse to bring you that signed document, business proposal, or passport? Don’t work for yourself as a personal courier—let somebody else do that.

2. Shop:
need gifts, electronics, and or tickets? There’s probably an app for that, and who doesn’t love one-click shipping? But shopping means shipping. Personal assistants can save you the hassle and get you what you want without waiting 1-3 business days. Also, some things are next to impossible to order online—like the latest designer clothes, or even good groceries. And sometimes you just don’t have time to do it yourself.

3. Re-park your car:
in some cities, even the most exclusive apartments lack parking. That seems to leave you with a horrible choice: either re-park your car on street cleaning days, or rent a space in some far-off parking garage. Choose neither. Your personal assistant can re-park your car for you, saving you hours of driving around the block or walking to your parking garage. Even if you use parking garage, your assistant’s first chore of the day can be to bring the car to your front door.

4. Transport your kids:
sure, the idea of having a “driver” is a bit archaic. In a modern luxury vehicle, driving is more fun to do yourself. What is not fun is the runaround of practice, piano lessons, and pool schedules. Your assistant can save you time, and be flexible when practice runs a little late.

5. Are away from home:
by checking on your house, and parking in your drive way every few days, your personal assistant will provide a preventive security that no alarm system can.

Personal assistants are reliable people who’ve passed background checks, supplied references, and in some cases are bonded. You have to trust them like a family member. But once you find the right person, your life will be a whole lot easier. By running errands they can save you gas, shipping costs, and piece of mind. Most importantly, they save you time to enjoy more of life’s pleasures.