Dock Your Yacht in New York

Posted on May 2nd, by admin in Lifestyle.

Dock Your Yacht in New York

New York State offers a little something for everyone. You’ve got big city living in New York City, excellent beach destinations on Long Island, breathtaking outdoors scenery in the Hudson Valley, and quiet suburban living in Westchester. If you own a boat or consider yourself a yachtsman, there’s something for you in New York, too! Throughout the state are countless marinas, some of them the best places in the entire region to dock your yacht when you’re not sailing it. Here are four of them:

North Cove Marina
Operated by local legend Dennis Connor, North Cove is one of the best marinas in the state. It is located on the waterfront of Manhattan, just near the center of Battery Park City. The marina strives to be the best in the city (and is), offering not only excellent facilities to anchor your boat, but also stunning views of one of the world’s biggest cities, and access to some of the world’s most exciting activities and amenities. If you care just as much about the city where you dock your yacht as you do the marina itself, then North Cove Marina is the place for you.

Montauk Yacht Club
The Hamptons are synonymous with opulence, so obviously, one of their best marinas is also one of the most luxurious in the whole state. That marina is the Montauk Yacht Club, located in the small beach town on the tip of Long Island. But the Montauk Yacht Club isn’t just one of the best yacht clubs in the region; it was also named a Top Ten Marina Destination in North America, Mexico, Bahamas and the Caribbean by the elite Yachting Magazine. The Montauk Yacht Club is a place to park your boat, sure. But it’s also a world-class sporting and recreation facility. Enjoy indoor and outdoor pools, spas, saunas, tennis, yoga, volleyball, and a fitness center while you’re there. Montauk Yacht Club is a place to leave your yacht, but it’s also a premier luxury destination in itself.

Strong’s Marine
If you like sailing, then you’ll love Strong’s Marine on the North Fork of Long Island. This yacht club is oriented to people who are passionate about sailing and yachting and want to become better boaters. Strong’s Marine has several sites, but one of the best is located on Eastern Long Island’s Peconic Bay. The Marina is full-service, with tons of amenities: you can park your boat, take a shower in a pristine locker facility, enjoy a picnic and grill in a private park area, and enjoy world-class service by the boating and yacht experts that work at the marina. If you’re looking for professional service in a world-class setting, there’s no better place in New York than Strong’s Marine.

Minneford Marina
There’s a tiny slice of paradise in New York City that few people know exist. That slice is the Minneford Marina, located on the quiet and remote City Island off of the Bronx. Minneford Marina has tons of space to park a boat, as well as showers, a barbecue deck, and a parking lot. The best part about Minneford Marina, though, is that it affords you access to the remote and treasured City Island. This tiny island is entrenched with sailing and nautical history, and it’s a quaint and pleasant way to escape the hustle and bustle of Manhattan or Brooklyn.