Choosing a Luxury Bedroom

Posted on May 21st, by admin in Real Estate.

Choosing a Luxury Bedroom

In our busy, fast-paced world, we need a place to retreat and recharge. Bedrooms in luxury homes can afford you the sanctuary that you seek. A well-designed bedroom will engage and soothe all your senses, allowing you to return to your daily life rested and energized.

Delighting your sense of sight: The view and lighting
Look for a bedroom with a great view. Even though you may spend the majority of your hours in your bedroom in the dark, having big windows that frame a beautiful view will delight your eyes on those days when you can truly relax and sleep in.

Lighting should be unobtrusively integrated into the room. Look for separate sources of lighting:

  •     Full-room illumination, such as recessed ceiling lights, for tasks such as cleaning
  •     Task lighting for reading or watching TV
  •     Dimmable lighting that can be controlled to suit your mood and your needs.

Soothing sound
The quality of sound in a bedroom is critical to your ability to relax and sleep. The bedroom should be located away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the household. A bedroom that is well placed, both within the house and on the property, will provide only gentle, soothing sounds such as rustling leaves or rippling water. Furthermore, consider the quality of sound you will bring to your bedroom through the media you watch and listen to. The media system should be integrated into the room so that it is both functional and unobtrusive.

Scent and touch
The senses of smell and touch also affect your experience of your bedroom. Scent can have a very subtle effect on your ability to relax. The orientation of the bedroom to the gardens surrounding can provide you with the wonderful scents of nature such as fresh air and flowers. Being located away from the kitchen will prevent cooking odors from penetrating into your bedroom. The sense of touch is truly alive in a bedroom, and you can thrill it with rich and sumptuous fabrics.

Practical considerations
More practically, a bedroom needs:

  •     Enough space to comfortably accommodate your bed and other necessary bedroom furnishings
  •     Room for a private seating area to relax and unwind, with a fireplace for extra comfort
  •     A beautiful, spa-like, en suite bathroom in which to luxuriate
  •     Large closets with enough room for all your clothes, shoes, bags, and other accessories
  •     A private dressing area for pulling all those pieces together.

Although luxury bedrooms are large, try not to include non-restful activities in them. This means that your office, and your exercise equipment, should be somewhere else in your home. A well-appointed house will have rooms designed specifically for these activities.

When you go through potential houses, imagine yourself relaxing in the master bedroom. If it feels welcoming and makes you calm, that may be the house for you.