Best Steaks in Buffalo

Posted on October 13th, by admin in Lifestyle.

Best Steaks in Buffalo

Buffalo, New York, is known for a couple of things. First, it’s a cold place, with beautiful winters and gorgeous snowfalls. Second, it’s a town with lots of great attractions like the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, the Erie County Botanical Gardens and Elmwood Village – considered to be one of America’s best neighborhoods. Finally, it’s also a town known for its dining, with outstanding upscale dining spots as well as delicious restaurants serving fresh, home cooked local favorites. One of Buffalo’s best dining options is the steakhouses. The city is home to some restaurants that serve outstanding meat options – from delicious fillets to melt-in-your-mouth sirloins. Want to know more about where you can dine in luxury while eating the best steaks in Buffalo? Check out the list below. It contains four of the city’s best steaks that will fill you up and have you wanting to go back for more.

Russell’s Steaks, Chops and More

The name says it all. At Russell’s in Buffalo, meat is the king, and there’s nowhere better in the area to go for a delicious steak. The restaurant is located at the beautiful Salvatore’s Grand Hotel and the atmosphere of the restaurant does not disappoint. With crisp white table linens and deep red and brown décor, Russell’s has all of the trappings of a traditional steak joint. If you want to try the best steak at Russell’s, try the restaurant’s famous Fillet Neptune. The dish features a fillet mignon topped with butter and a poached lobster tail. There might be no better surf and turf in the entire region.

E.B. Green’s

E.B. Green’s is a steakhouse located in the heart of Buffalo, and it’s been voted one of the top 10 steakhouses in all of America multiple times. E.B. Green’s is a time-honored classic, operating since 1984. The interior feels like a traditional steakhouse, so you’ll get to enjoy an opulent and luxurious atmosphere while you eat. There’s no shortage of excellent steaks at E.B. Green’s, but one of the things that sets it apart is that it offers excellent quality kosher steaks. Try ordering the Kosher Bone in Rib Eye for $48 and you won’t be disappointed with the tender and flavorful dish.

Buffalo Chophouse

Buffalo Chophouse is one of the city’s most classic restaurants. Considered to be Buffalo’s only real five-star restaurant, the chophouse offers a more luxurious dining experience than anywhere else in town. You can expect to find a classic steakhouse menu there. There are appetizers, salads and sumptuous steakhouse sides. Of course, though, the real star here is the meat. Diners rave about the Chateaubriand for $79. It’s big enough for two people to share and it comes with sautéed wild mushrooms as a complement.


BOSS is an appropriate name for this beloved steakhouse based in Buffalo. Not only is this restaurant the head of the pack when it comes to inventive gourmet dining, but it is also the initials of an important acronym – Buffalo’s Original Steak and Seafood. And indeed, seafood and steak rule the menu here. If you want an outstanding steak at BOSS, you can look no further than the 30 Day Dry Aged Strip. It’s a 14-ounce certified Angus cut of meat, perfectly aged and seasoned. The menu at BOSS is a bit more inventive than the traditional steakhouse, so eat here if you want a little something different. The sides include things like Brussel sprouts with pancetta and balsamic as well as a burrata salad with pickled eggplant and heirloom tomatoes.