5 of the best Pieces of Luxury Jewelry from Tiffany’s

Posted on December 16th, by admin in Lifestyle.

5 of the best Pieces of Luxury Jewelry from Tiffany’s

Tiffany’s has been the world’s premier jewelry company since 1837.  The name is synonymous with luxury and sophistication. The timeless beauty and superlative craftsmanship of Tiffany’s jewelry is legendary, and the Robin’s egg blue boxes and iconic packaging is nearly as famous as their beautifully cut diamonds and high-class gemstones. In fact, nothing says luxury quite like a well-dressed woman strolling down Fifth Avenue with a Tiffany’s bag dangling from her arm. Holly Golightly, a character played by Audrey Hepburn in the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s, was fascinated with the store, and Marilyn Monroe referenced the famous jewelry company twice in the song Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend.

While Tiffany’s is renown for its diamonds and diamond engagement rings, the esteemed store has everything from bracelets and brooches to necklaces and pendants. With famous jewelry designers like Elsa Peretti, Paloma Picasso, and Frank Gehry, who’s better known as the innovative architect behind the Guggenheim Museum in Bilboa, Spain, Tiffany’s continues to adorn luxury lovers with unique and beautifully crafted jewelry.

Here are 5 pieces of Tiffany luxury jewelry that will never go out of style.

1.  The Tiffany Legacy bracelet is specifically customized to resemble jewelry worn by women during the Edwardian era. It’s   opulent, sophisticated, and designed with seven inches of specially cut Tiffany diamonds. While the bracelet might be inspired by the past, the design is contemporary and cutting edge. It’s the type of bracelet that would look ideal peeking out of the cuff of a haute couture, Valentino designed blouse. The Tiffany Legacy bracelet retails for $470,000.

2. The Legacy line represents Tiffany’s most esteemed and lavish jewelry designs. The Legacy necklace, which sells for $845,000, is a stunning companion piece to the Legacy bracelet. This sparkling, nineteen-inch necklace is a showstopper. The Edwardian-inspired design is similar to the bracelet; however, the Legacy necklace features more diamonds. It combines both round and square diamonds, and each clear and brilliant cut is elegantly cast in platinum.

3.  Ring with an Important Diamond is a rather ambiguous and dull name for a piece of high-end Tiffany jewelry, but this 12-carat masterpiece is anything but dull. What makes the diamond in this ring so important? It’s a D-color diamond, which means it is extraordinarily rare and difficult to find. It’s the type of diamond that gemologists scour the world to discover. In other words, it’s the matchless quality of the diamond that gives the piece of jewelry its name.  In case you were curious just how important the diamond is, the ring retails for $2,100,000.

4.  Tiffany’s has been the home of many famous jewelry designers throughout the years.  In 1956, Jean Schlumberger, a French designer, began working on jewelry for Tiffany’s. His jewelry collections are vibrant and whimsical. Schlumberger used the forms found in nature as templates for his unique designs, and the Jean Schumberger Dahlia clip is one of his most famous creations. The Dahlia clip is made of 18k gold. There’s a large emerald in the middle of the flower clip, and numerous, platinum set diamonds spiral out from the center, creating a beautiful petal-effect.  Jean Schlumberger’s Dahlia clip retails for $275,000.

5. Tiffany’s is known for creating classic looks that never go out of style. Its best jewelry has a timeless and effortless quality. Tiffany’s Diamond Drop earrings have that eternal sense of elegance and class. Each of the earrings is elegantly composed of two diamonds, a pear shaped diamond and a marquise. These are the type of sophisticated earrings tailor-made for a little black cocktail dress. The Diamond Drop earrings cost $350,000.