4 Ways to Deck Out Your Luxurious In-Home Library

Posted on February 27th, by admin in Lifestyle.

4 Ways to Deck Out Your Luxurious In-Home Library

If you have a library in your home, it’s likely a cozy spot to relax and get work done. However, it’s possible to add some luxurious additions to your library that can make it stand out and more engaging. The list below contains four different decor and gadget ideas to make your library the best room in your house.

Install a Rolling Ladder

One of the most whimsical touches you can add to an in-home library is a rolling bookshelf ladder. Rolling ladders attach to the front of bookcases and roll across them, in order to make accessing books on the top shelf even easier. Rolling ladders call to mind classic movies like “Beauty and the Beast,”with opulent libraries in Medieval castles. They’re also simply a convenient way to place things on high shelves without having to retrieve a step ladder to get them down — and they’re a stately decor addition. Some of the best rolling ladders available are from the Stairway Shop, which provides varieties in all shapes, sizes and colors.

Organize and Catalogue Your Bookshelf

Make your in-home library even more professional than before by cataloging everything you own, and organizing your books and media. If you’re not sure how to go about doing this, use the iBookshelf app, which allows you to scan barcodes on your books to enter them into a catalog (or you can manually enter them). Then, you can easily keep track of what books you own and where they are by scanning the books and marking them as “out” when you lend them out or take them off the shelf. You can also use the app to search by title or author name if you’re unsure where to find it on the shelf.

Relax in a Kosha Chair

The Kosha Chair was invented several years ago to be the ultimate reader’s paradise. The Kosha, which is a large wooden reading chair, offers seclusion from the world around you, as well as a comfortable place to sit. The chair itself has storage areas for books as well as places to hold books so you don’t have to. It’s handcrafted from 33 pieces of smooth, quality wood. The Kosha Chair is the ultimate furniture addition to a home library and the price tag is about $41,500.

Add a Secret Passageway

You may remember scenes in movies where a person pulls out a certain book in a shelf, and the shelf pulls out to reveal a secret passageway. While you might have thought that was fiction — think again! In reality, there are many companies that have created bookshelves with hinges that can open to reveal spaces behind them. One of the leading companies is the Murphy Door Company, which creates doorway bookshelves that can simply reveal storage behind them — or complete rooms and hallways. Try and arrange your library so that a shelf pulls away to reveal the room next door or simply stash away some secret treasures in the storage compartment behind it.