4 Best Caviar Restaurants in America

Posted on June 4th, by admin in Lifestyle.

4 Best Caviar Restaurants in America

There is arguably no food more luxurious than caviar. Pair it with an sparkling flute of champagne, and you’ll have a meal that’s as decadent as it is delicious. Caviars are lovely to enjoy in the comfort of your own home or at an elegant cocktail party, but what about a restaurant? These four luxury dining establishments across America consistently serve up some of the best caviar, so dine and be impressed.


Most likely the most famous and recognizable caviar establishment in the world, Petrossian occupies prime real estate in elegant Midtown Manhattan. The restaurant is housed in a building as ornate as the menu of the restaurant inside. Opened in the 1920s in Paris by two Armenian brothers, Petrossian made its way across the Atlantic and settled in near beautiful Central Park in New York City. When dining at the restaurant, you can choose from an extensive selection of caviars, including 30g of Transmontanus USA farmed caviar for $60 or Royal Shassetra for $139. Accompanying the caviar choices are other delicacies like foie gras and steak tartare, so come hungry. Petrossian New York also has a boutique, so you can buy caviar to take home, as well as champagnes, blinis, caviar accoutrements and more.

Caviar Russe

Also located in the Big Apple, Caviar Russe has made a name for itself among caviar lovers throughout the entire world. The caviar choices are extensive, including a three-course tasting for $95, a five-course tasting for $145 and a 10-course tasting for $210. The menu at Caviar Russe has other options, too, like risotto, parsnip soup and blue fin tuna, so you definitely won’t leave the restaurant hungry. Stop by the Madison Avenue location to check out their boutique. There, you can purchase smoked fish, foie gras, charcuterie, caviar samplers and lots more gourmet treats. Luckily, Caviar Russe ships anywhere in the world, so if you don’t live close to New York, you can still enjoy their gourmet goodness.

Restaurant Stella

While Restaurant Stella isn’t just a caviar restaurant, it is one of the places in America at which you can consistently sample some of the world’s best caviar. It makes sense, too, since the restaurant is in New Orleans, often considered both the dining and seafood capital of America. The restaurant, located in the heart of the French Quarter, serves up lots of entrees incorporating seafood and meat. But, they also have a renowned international caviar menu that would impress any caviar aficionado. On the menu, you can find Royal Israeli Galilee Royal Osetra for $250, Snake River White Sturgeon for $225 and “Gold Label” from Royal Belgian Caviar for $300. Come to Restaurant Stella and sample the best they have to offer, then take to Bourbon Street to revel in the rest of New Orleans.

The Dome

Located just south of nightlife hotspot Miami in Coral Gables, the Dome is one of the premier restaurants in the southern U.S. to sample some top-notch caviar. The restaurant has lots of small plates that don’t incorporate caviar, but they do have an entire menu dedicated to the delicacy, including oysters with caviar, yuca croquetas with caviar and deviled eggs topped with caviar. Dine at the Dome for a terrific nightlife experience paired with your gourmet meal; you’ll have fun and feel pampered and well-fed, too.