Boutique Shopping on the Upper West Side

Posted on January 15th, by admin in Lifestyle.

Boutique Shopping on the Upper West Side

More residential than its posh twin on the other side of Central Park, the Upper West Side is still a boutique shopper’s heaven on earth. In fact, stores in the area have a decidedly more local feel than on the Upper East Side, making this one of the prime neighborhoods in New York City for finding unique items from independent designers. From name brand luxury clothing to one-of-a-kind personal hygiene products, boutique shopping on the Upper West Side can easily turn into the highlight of any trip to the Big Apple.

Shishi Boutique

Located on Broadway between 92nd and 93rd, Shishi is a women’s clothing boutique extraordinaire. From jewelry and handbags to party dresses for any occasion, Shishi is a one-stop shop for unique fashion items. Many of the products at Shishi are from local designers, but the boutique also carries items from designers as far away as Brazil and Israel. The inventory at Shishi changes constantly, with new designs and designers constantly using the store as a showcase and stepping stone in the ever-evolving world of New York fashion.

KT Collection

Just a block south of the Natural History Museum at Columbus Avenue and 75th, KT Collection is home to one of the largest selections of designer jewelry in New York City. Dozens of different earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings from local and international designers are on display here, making KT Collection an extremely popular place for locals to pop into for last-minute accessories. Owner and designer Katie Thompson’s works are the center of the offerings, and her 14-karat gold and sterling silver pieces are the epitome of New York’s chic “street style.” KT Collection also stocks a wide variety of accessories like brooches, scarves, handbags and gloves, all in designs that are currently in vogue in the city.


Those looking for luxury bath and body products need wander no further than the corner of 76th and Broadway, where the bright colors and intense aromas of LUSH lure in many an unsuspecting passerby. From essential oil-infused facial moisturizers to honey-based shampoos and shower gels, LUSH combines natural ingredients with high-quality cosmetic formulas to create luxurious handmade products for the bathroom. LUSH also doubles as a boutique perfumery, as its many unique and house-made scents are made with fresh fruit and flower essences that provide long-lasting personal aromas that are also made of natural ingredients. LUSH is also the place for those looking for natural makeup to stock up on; eyeliners, lip glosses and face powders that are crafted from non-toxic and natural ingredients can be found here.


No trip to New York City is complete without a stop for shoe shopping, and Tani, located on Broadway between 69th and 70th, is enough of a fix for even the most die-hard shoe collector. Stocking dozens of different brand names from both large and small designers from all over the world, Tani keeps the feet of the men and women of the Upper West Side looking stylish and ready for the nitty-gritty of the urban jungle. Because they carry both obscure and mainstream brands, as well as both fashionable and functional footwear, including rain boots, Tani has everything needed to navigate the different social and geographical conditions of New York with ease and flair.